Passive Voice Negative & Question

Passive voice Question

1. Were you shown the sights?

2. Is she being shown the sights?

3. were they being prepared?

4. has it been adjourned?

5. Are you required to attend the meeting?

6. Is she being ignored?

7. Should they be notified?

8. might he have been allowed to come?

9. had you been told about it?

10. will they be needed?


Passsive Voice Negative

1. You were not shown the sights.

2. She is not being shown the sights.

3. He will be asked to participate.

4. They would not have been instructed to join us.

5. It was not sent on time.

6. We could not have been seen from the island

7. It is not being dealt with satisfactorily.

8. They were not being kept under observation.

9. You will not be held responsible.

10. They were not expected at six o’clock.