Passive Voice Questions and Negative Statements

Examples of Passive Voice Questions :
1.Were you not shown the sights?
2. Is she not being shown the sights?
3. Will he not have been shown the sights?
4. Should we not be shown the sights?
5. Is he not respected by everyone?
6. Should she not be consulted?
7. Is she being shown the sights?
8. Were you shown the sights?
9. Will he have been shown the sights?
10. Should we be shown the sights?

Examples of Passive Voice Negative Statements :
1. We could not have been seen from the island.
2. They were not being kept under observation.
3. They were not expected at six o’clock.
4. He will not be asked to participate.
5. You were not shown the sights.
6. She is not being shown the sights.
7. He will not have been shown the sights.
8. We should not be shown the sights.
9. It is not being dealt with satisfactorily.
10.You will not be held responsible.

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